Online Learners’ Dictionaries

Here are some websites that focus specifically on academic vocabulary:

Using a Corpus to Learn Vocabulary:

Learning and Using Roots and Affixes

[Roots are the stems of words, especially those borrowed from Latin and Greek. Suffixes and prefixes (together called affixes) are the bits you stick on the beginning and ends of words. Eg: trans/port/ation]

8 thoughts on “Vocabulary”

  1. I like wordinfo.info because of the extensive cross-referencing it affords. My basic tool is an electronic format of the workbook series “Vocabulary from Classical Roots.” My kids all have iPads, and it’s available via the Flash Card app.

  2. My name is Richard Destine. My favorite online resource was the Vocabulary Level Tests. These test’s presented vocabulary in a fun and interesting way

  3. Lots of excellent resources here. I particulary like the Roots & Affixes. I can definitely use the strategies and information with my students. The vocabulary Level Tests were fun and of different levels so I would be able to direct my students according to their proficiency.

  4. Mas vale tarde que nunca. While review the resourses I realized that I had not scrolled down far enough to find the comments section. You did a good job of putting together some powerful resources for us all. I really enjoyed your class!

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