CCCC 2012

Conference on College Composition and Communication 2012

St. Louis, MO

Panel N.15: Preparing and Supporting Gradate Students Writers across the University

1. Steve Simpson, “‘Boot Camp’ as a Nexus of Graduate Writing Support”

2. Nigel Caplan, “Teaching the Genres of Graduate Writing”

  • Annotated Bibliography
  • my PowerPoint contained copyrighted materials that can be found in the references described in the annotated bibliography, which also contains information about the joint construction teaching technique I demonstrated

3. Anne Zanzucchi, “Graduate-Level Peer Review Design to Support Native and Non-Native Speakers of English”

Respondent: Christine Feak

Join Chris Feak, myself, and colleagues at TESOL 2012 in Philadelphia for more on graduate writing! Handouts and PowerPoints are available here.

 Thursday, March 29, 3:00-3:50pm, Convention Center room 118C: Chris Feak will introduce the third edition of Swales & Feak, Academic Writing for Graduate Students.

Thursday, March 29, 4:00-4:50pm, Convention Center room 118B: I will demonstrate activities from my new grammar textbook, Grammar Choices for Graduate and Professional Writers coming in August from the University of Michigan Press.

Friday, March 30, 10:00-11:45am in Independence ballroom I: Chris Feak, Grace Canseco, Jennifer Greer, and I present a workshop called “Preparing for Excellence: Practical Strategies for Successful Graduate Writing”

4 thoughts on “CCCC 2012”

  1. thanks to all of you – Steve, Nigel, Anne, & Chris – for your presentations at the 4C’s. All of your work was well received, well researched, and well delivered. Thanks for sharing your work with us and making a difference in post-graduate education. I look forward to revisiting your presentation as my own work develops at the University of Alberta.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Susan. I’m glad you enjoyed the show! All the handouts and presentations are now posted on this page. Do let us know what you’re doing in Alberta and keep in touch!

    (I’ll be presenting more on graduate writing at the Genre 2012 conference in Ottawa in June — if you’re interested in genres, this is going to be a fantastic get-together!)

    1. Hi Nigel – I will look for you at Genre 2012. I, too, anticipate a fantastic get-together, and I will be presenting my research, too (disciplinary undergraduate writing assignments in nursing education). I would love to get together in Ottawa. I lived in Edinburgh for several years, so it will be nice to chat about your experiences living and teaching abroad. I miss Scotland (almost daily), but I also love the research I am doing here in Canada. I will be in touch again in June!

  3. Ditto to Susan’s thanks for the very informative panel. I picked up valuable ideas, materials, and leads to additional resources to share with my Center for International Student Access ( colleagues and to inform my current research on support for dissertation writers across the disciplines. Terry

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