(All books are available at, through the publisher, or from your favorite bookstore.)


Grammar Choices for Graduate and Professional Writers (University of Michigan Press, 2012) by Nigel A. Caplan. Grammar Choices helps writers understand how grammar allows them to create meaning, control the strength of their claims, and organize information beyond the sentence. Grammar Choices can be used as a standalone textbook, a self-study reference guide, or as a companion text to Swales & Feak’s Academic Writing for Graduate Students. Exam/review/desk copies are available now from the publisher, and you and your students can buy the book directly from the Press, from, or in class sets from your university bookstore.


Q: Skills for Success – Reading/Writing, Level 5 (Advanced). Second Edition

by Nigel A. Caplan and Scott Roy Douglas. 2nd edition. Oxford University Press (2015).  Buy now from

“The course that connects critical thinking, language skills, and student learning outcomes.”  (More details.)

Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT: For Students at the Basic Level

by Nigel A. Caplan. University of Michigan Press, 2010.
Available now from the publisher or from

A multi-skills book for high-beginning to low-intermediate ESL students preparing for the Internet-Based Test of English as a Foreign Language®. This level in the Step Up series focuses on expanding vocabulary but also teaches essential grammar and speaking skills. The book comes with an audio CD, transcript, and answer key, as well as a companion site with additional recordings.

Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT for Intermediate Students

by Nigel A. Caplan. University of Michigan Press, 2009.
Available now from the publisher or from

Step Up to the TOEFL® iBT is a skills-based textbook designed to address the needs of students who have not yet reached a language level to successfully prepare for the TOEFL® iBT. This volume does what no other textbook does: it helps intermediate-level students take a “step up” toward preparing themselves for the iBT by teaching and developing some of the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills necessary to do well on the test.

Other Teaching Materials

Are you using one of my books? Please let me know what you like … and don’t like!

13 thoughts on “Books”

      1. Hi Dr. Nigel A Caplan
        do have the exercise solution for this book in this way I can make sure all my answer is correct

        Thank you

  1. A favorite student of mine is headed off to grad school at Notre Dame and has asked me for writing exercises to work on over the summer. I’d like to give “Grammar Choices for Graduate and Professional Writers” as a graduation present, but it’s not clear that answer keys are included in the book. I see your responses above link people to the UMich Press page, but it doesn’t seem the teacher material offered is related to the exercises in “Grammar Choices.” Would you please clarify? Thanks very much.

    1. Elizabeth,
      Thank you for writing. What a thoughtful gift!
      The answer key is on the UMP website, but it’s called the “Commentary” (perhaps we should change that). Here’s the direct link to the PDF:

      Click to access 9780472035014-key.pdf

      The first few pages are notes to teachers, but then you get to the answers. The most open-ended exercises don’t have answers, but there should be enough there for self study. I’d appreciate feedback, though, as we’re not quite sure how best to make the AK available.
      Best wishes

    1. Mary,

      None of my books is sold as a PDF. However, all my books with Oxford (“Q” and “Inside Writing”) are available for purchase as e-books directly from the publisher. Oxford also makes available the “iTools” package on DVD to teachers who adopt these books. This allows you to display and annotate the student book on a data projector or SmartBoard (very cool software — I use it in class myself!).

      Any PDF versions of my (and most) textbooks you find online are illegal downloads and are in strict violation of copyright laws.

      For more information about ordering e-books, student books, and iTools of Q and Inside Writing, please visit

      And for information about Grammar Choices, see visit:

      Thank you for your interest in my books.


  2. Dear Dr. Caplan:

    Would you please correct me for believing that the use of words wnding in “ize” such as utilize, maximize, and alike is grammatically incorrect? Also, Isn’t the word “Material” plural and ending it with an “s” is also incorrect? Finally, isn’t it incorrect to use “methodology” where it should be “method”? I have been corrected by various teacher/scholars; and have corrected my University students. However, I hear that we can use these words. Please carify.


    1. These are vocabulary issues, not really grammar, but as I understand it:
      1) -ize is a highly productive suffix that forms verbs such as utilize, maximize, minimize, emphasize, and so on
      2) material can be count or noncount, with slightly different meanings
      3) method and methodology are also very similar – for all these questions, a good dictionary and corpus will be helpful. I like the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, and I have a page elsewhere on this site about corpus searching (also chapter 7 in my textbook, Grammar Choices!).

      Good luck!

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