The Five-Paragraph Roadshow (or some kind of show)


The editors and authors of Changing Practices: Moving Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay in L2 Writing (Michigan, 2019) are going on the road! You can catch us at these conferences during the academic year:

Symposium on Second Language Writing (Arizona State University)

Breaking the Chains of the Five-Paragraph Essay: Putting Theory into Action” on Friday November 15 at 1:30pm, with Nigel Caplan, Ann Johns, Chris Tardy, Ulla Connor, Estela Ene, Deborah Crusan, and Todd Ruecker

TESOL (Denver, CO)

“Genre-based Writing Instruction: Frequently Asked Questions–and Answers”, with Ann Johns, Chris Tardy, and Nigel Caplan; Wednesday April 1 (no joke), 10:30-11:45am.

We promise that all our presentations will have an introduction, conclusion, and three distinct sections (just like the book). Seriously, though, our focus this year is not so much on critiquing the 5PE but on what else we can and should be teaching in second-language writing classrooms: transferable writing practices in a genre-based framework. 

If you’d like one or more us to visit your conference, college, university, graduate class, or professional development event, in person or by video, please get in touch!



Author: Nigel Caplan

Nigel Caplan, Ph.D., is an associate professor of ESL, the Online Program Manager for the University of Delaware English Language Institution, and a textbook author, consultant, and speaker. He lives in Delaware in the United States.

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